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LUCY mike
· Dec 03
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sarah rose
· Jul 10
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Updated Sep 04
investor jjn
· Jun 29
Hello I am an investor willing venture into profitable business with you also willing to deal with you in trust and confidence. I am keen on investing in a lucrative, calculated viable business, either by partnership or as a financier in cash, Fixed interest, Shares or Property. I will welcome any profitable business plan/proposal. To proceed with investment, contact me via my email: [email protected] .com INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED Regards
Updated Sep 04
Bev Williams
· Jan 28
Bev Williams 1/28/14 I had neck pain for years and started having low back pain to the point where I could not stand or walk for long periods of time. I was in pain ALL the time and started taking meds to help me sleep at night. I finally had enough. I had been to a chiropractor before but with no relief so I was not quick to want to go back. I knew Dr. Joe from church and from others who had been his patients. I went to the Mason office and started seeing Dr. Delphine. I initially wanted that quick fix but decided not to give up. Now about a year later, between the adjustments, doing my exercises and getting injections by Dr. Tricia Croake-Uleman at Southwest Ohio Pain Mgmt, I don’t have the constant pain like I did before. I recommend them to anyone – you don’t have to have pain to go. Be proactive. My daughters also started having low back pain I believe because of the intense sports they participate in and they now ask to go to the chiropractor. The entire staff is wonderful.
Updated Sep 04
Jeanie Hollander
· Jul 19
My daughter hurt her back in Feb. She was unable to be upright for more than an hour without being in a lot of pain. We had seen a different chiropractor with no results. She was seen at Childrens hosp and had an MRI, 8 weeks of physical therapy, an EMG for numbness and weakness down her right arm. She went through 2 rounds of trigger point injections and still was not able to go to school or have any type of normal childhood interactions because the only time she could decrease her pain was flat on her back. Sleep was impossible only sleeping 2-5 hrs a night due to pain. I was referred to Dr Joe by a friend and even though he wasn't very close to our house, I knew I had to try something. In the first visit Dr Joe took an xray with her mouth open looking at her upper spine (which no one up to this point including a neurosurgeon) had thought of. It showed a severe rotation of C2 which was pinching the nerve going down her right arm. Within the first visit Dr Joe was able to adjust her and she felt immediate relief. Within that week she was off all medication and was able to attend her 8th grade graduation(following 3 months of home schooling). She continues to see Dr Joe and is now only seeing him 2x month. She is now living the life of a normal teenager. Dr Joe has been our "Miracle Worker". I prayed for healing and I truly believe God sent us Dr Joe. I cannot thank him enough and have recommended him to everyone I know. I was very skeptical of chiropractors not any more.
Updated Sep 04
Joe Noble
· Jan 31
Five years ago I rotated my spine. Needless to say I suffered from lots of back pain ever since. I spent the last few years bouncing around between different chiropractors and I even did physical therapy at Kettering Medical. Nothing seemed to help my pain. Finally a friend recommended that I try Elite Chiropractic in Mason, Ohio. I am very glad I did. I can finally say after five years that my back feels better than it ever has. I can not thank Dr. Deignan and his staff enough. Elite Chiropractic not only fixes your problem, but they also teach what exactly is going on with your body and the ways in which you can prevent it from reoccurring in the future. If you are in pain I would recommend saving yourself time and money and just go to Elite Chiropractic before going anywhere else. The staff is amazing as well, as they all treat you like family.
Updated Sep 04
Krista Henson
· Jan 22
A big thank you to the Drs at Elite Chiropractic! I can say all of the drs are friendly and knowledgable and have your best interest at heart. They are also quick and efficent which works well with my busy schedule. I have been a patient at both practices for a total of about 2 and a half years and they have really helped the major pain I was having in my neck and back. I would recommend Elite Chiropractic for all of your needs! Krista
Updated Sep 04
Nick Ali
· May 27
Hi we are offering 100 FREE WRISTBANDS!! Be sure to check it out at
Updated Sep 04
Nicholas Deignan
· Mar 22
Amazed at how big the office is and how much they can do to get you healthy! Great experience!
Updated Sep 04

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