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Michelle Benton
· Jun 28
I decided to receive Dr.Mowlls care when my diabetes started spiraling out control a year ago. I was tired, unhappy and ready to make a change and reduce or get rid of my symptoms all together. When I first came to visit him my A1c was around 10.0. After eight months of being under Dr.Mowlls care my A1c has significantly dropped to 6.1. I also lost 20 pounds which is an added bonus. Everyday I continue to get healthier and I no longer feel the symptoms of my diabetes like I did a year ago, and that is all thanks to Dr.Mowll and his great team.
Updated Sep 04
Wayne Menzak
· Jan 18
I have been with Dr. Mowll for six months. My objective when I started was to eliminate or signifigantly reduce my diabetes (type 2) medications which consisted of Insulin (once a day @ 26 m/l, ActosPlus, and a Simvastatan for cholesteral). My benchmark reading was 140 fasting blood sugar reading and 6.4 A1C reading. After six months I have reduced my daily insulin to 16 m/l and eliminated the use of the cholesterol drug Simvastatan. My daily blood sugar has dropped to @ 100 fasting and 6.1 A1C reading. I hope to continue this process until my A1C readings are between 5.7 - 5.9. I would recommend Dr. Mowll, since he evaluated the root cause of my Type 2 diabetes versus just treating the symptoms with medication.
Updated Sep 04
DW Moore
· Feb 06
Twenty-years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and given the standard medical treatment for the condition, which was inadequate and ineffective at correcting or reversing the condition. After being under Dr. Mowlla??s care for only six months, he identified my areas of imbalances and provided an individualized treatment plan that works for me. The results of the treatments and consultations provided me with the tools needed to normalize my blood sugar levels while lowering the dosages of my prescription medications. I highly recommend Dr. Mowll because the first step to his treatment was to focus on the factors contributing to my elevated blood sugars levels. Once that was determined he began the process of correcting the root of my condition with all natural therapy. a?? THANK YOU!! Darlene Moore
Updated Sep 04
kelly cohen
· Jul 18
I went to Dr. Mowll for help with diabetes and weight loss. Since I had my last kid about a year ago, I was trying to lose weight and control my blood sugar, but failed every time. I tried a variety of diets and supplements like garcinia, chromium, and others SO let me save you time, money, and effort because NONE of those diet supplements worked for me. I found Dr. Mowll through a referral and the results have been excellent. I already lost 12 lbs and my blood sugar is so much better. He is an excellent motivator and really cares about his patients. I am so happy I found him. His 5 Star average is WELL DESERVED and I would definitely recommend him and his staff.
Updated Sep 04
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